Friday, February 06, 2009

The first major test for the electronics, and the stepper motor drivers all light up like Christmas trees!! The power supply works.

And now the entire ensemble, from top left clock-wise: three stepper motor drivers; the Arduino shield on an Arduino D; the pulse width modulator driver; and two DC motor drivers one's a spare.

I decided to throw all of the major electronics on a piece of $.89 hardboard from the dollar store down the road, formerly a clip board. All of the electronics above are held in place by a nut and bolt assembly, with spacer nuts between the boards and the hardboard.

I've still got quite a bit of wiring to do but I have been playing with the software end of things, I was able to upload to the arduino one time with Arduino version 12. Now the headache begins, I discovered that portions of the reprap firmware would not compile currently on version 12, but would on version 11. Now I am not getting any where with running the GUI for the older versions of the arduino software.
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